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The Black Hawk helicopter flew down the street with mini-guns blazing

The Black Hawk helicopter’s twin 7.62 millimeter mini-gatling guns blazed away at the insurgents shooting down on the American Rangers from roof tops in the downtown Bakaara Market area of Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993. As the chopper flared out in the middle of the main drag it cleared the roof tops of enemy fighters in…

John Arens served in the Merchant Marines, Rangers and Navy

John Arens served as a teenage Merchant Mariner in World War II, become an Airborne Ranger in the Korean War, graduated from diving school in the 1960s, spent 11 years as a Navy SCUBA diver in the Arctic before skippering a Navy spy ship during the Cold War and completed his 40-year military career as the captain of a fast transport ship during “Operation Desert Storm” in 1991.